Fou de Feu | About
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Veerle Van Overloop

Fou de Feu is the Ceramic Design Studio of Veerle Van Overloop.

Architecture, photography, design & food culture are her main influences as a designer. Her work is a blend of materials in a simple and pure way. Everyday shapes and forms get a different dimension and function


Belgian ceramics studio Fou de Feu (Crazy about Fire) re-thinks classical objects and comes up with a new personality for each of them. Often they’re products for everyday use, now and then it’s all about form and sophisticated interior design. Honest, true, pure, powerful, simple.

The honesty in design is part of the complete Fou de Feu-philosophy. Clay becomes ceramics becomes clay again, in and endless series of birth and rebirth. Fou de Feu grasps that feature and is committed to make this lifecycle the longest possible while cherishing the cradle-to-cradle concept as a valuable companion. Zero waste, no stress for the earth, but another new life in clay when the last item of the collection has been long worn-out.

Ceramic Design Studio

The Fou de Feu studio is the life work of Veerle Van Overloop, graduated as a ceramics artist at the St Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp and with an attractive list of master classes on her record. With her pure passion and timeless lines Veerle put Fou de Feu on the Belgian design map in 2009.