Fou de Feu | Connect
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You and We.
Warm and White.
Let’s Eat. Together. And Celebrate Life.
Let’s Connect.

Making dinner and setting the table means bringing people together. Talking, laughing and in a temporary alliance they’re a source of inspiration for ceramics studio Fou de Feu. The CONNECT-series connects more than people. Materials: ceramics, metal and linen. Pink copper on tones of white. Plate with bowl or cup. The design links one piece to the next while the user is challenged to play with combination and function.

Fou de Feu loves to play it subtle. Not too colorfull, we’ll leave it to the food to play that game. And the designed links are but a wafer-thin layer of copper. So when the studio selects partners to complete the collection, they have to share that yearn for fine details and the typical handmade feel. Libeco is a manufacturer of high end Belgian linen and Lotte Martens has a passion for prints and textile with a concept. The collab turned out to be a tasteful match. CONNECT proves how a set table can add some personality to a dinner party.

Photography: Heikki Verdurme